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We are a team of individuals committed for better air quality monitoring in India. We believe that air pollution is one of the biggest health hazards facing our country today and air quality monitoring is is first step to understand and prevent air pollution.

Our mission is to provide a geo-spatial platform for air quality which is affordable to users and enables them to operate effortlessly with air quality data. With our platform you can easily build new data-driven products for real time air quality alerts and research.

Our platform is simple and affordable for everybody - from individuals who are seeking to start a new business to large enterprises. We have free subscription for easy start, and several paid subscriptions depending on volume of provided data.

We use cutting-edge technologies for collecting, processing and distributing data to keep the unprecedented high volume of operations. We are serves millions of API calls per day keeping reasonable prices at the same time.

For any questions, please contact us via support@airpollutionapi.com


We are open to discuss investments to develop our business in directions of new services development, Artificial Intelligence and other demanded services.

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Your comments, requests and ideas are welcomed.

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