Blueair Sense+

  • Coverage area: Sense+ cleans upto 90 sq.mtrs great for small & medium rooms
  • Particle + Carbon filter with largest filter area of ( 3.04 sq.mtrs) for best filtration effeciency and consistent clean air. Removes all particle and gaseous pollutants
  • Awarded design & complete control with wi-fi conncectivity , Energy efficient, Whisper silent performance
  • 5 Years of warranty on air purifiers
  • Long lasting Filter upto 4380 Hrs

Offer Price: ₹ 31,999.00
M.R.P: ₹ 42,000.00
Special Discount: 24% Off
Your Saving: ₹10,001.00


The Sense+ isn’t power hungry, drawing in around 7W at the lowest fan speed while scaling to about 46W at its highest. It has a feather-touch display on the top that lets you toggle through the different settings. The panel also notifies you when it’s time to change the filters. The settings can also be controlled through Wi-Fi in the same way on the Classic 280i using the Blueair Friend app. It gives you information on room temperature, humidity and other sensory data. The Sense+ will be able to filter out smoke, dust, and pollen using two particle filters with activated carbon filtration. It also filters out particulate pollutants using the HEPASilentPlus filtration method, capable of blocking harmful particles down to the size of 0.1 micron.


Power Consumption (W) : 7 - 45 watts

Coverage Area(sq.ft.) : 186 sq ft

Noise Level (dB) : 29 - 50 dB(A)

Air Flow Rate (cubic m/h) : 120 cfm

Dimensions                  : 492 x 470 x 170 mm

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